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got a tablet!

2009-02-09 17:54:53 by hoingaz-master

wooo got a wacom bamboo fun small. It awesome!
AHEM* now for a better flash xD

Ps3 how could you?

2008-08-11 11:01:47 by hoingaz-master

I lost all my data on my ps3 this morning! I am SO FREAKIN PISSED! I contacted sony to see if they can do anything but I'm almost positive they can'1 :(
Not discouraging anyone from getting one. I probably just got a bad one or something :(
its still fun when it works though :(


2008-05-19 14:09:23 by hoingaz-master

Yesterday I got to test out my paintball markers by shooting them at my brothers. We had a few games of elimination. (Team with all their players shot loses) We were planning to go again to day but the weather got a little wet and we had to postpone it to next weekend. Anyone else use paintball guns/markers here?

My banner's up!

2008-03-21 12:01:39 by hoingaz-master

It's a little crappy but what do you think?


2008-03-12 13:03:53 by hoingaz-master

YES! Its about time :D
lol I got up in a literal snow storm at 7:00 to get out to Wal-mart and get it.
They were just taking the games out of the boxes when i came ;)
So far, this game rocks and I've only unlocked like 4-6 characters.
Anyone else have it yet?

The day has alomost come!

2008-03-07 15:23:51 by hoingaz-master

Its March 7... 2 DAYS TIL BRAWL!!!!!


2008-01-19 15:10:28 by hoingaz-master

SSBB has been delayed until March 9!
And I was really disappointed when i had to wait until febuary... and now an ANOTHER month???
I wonder if it'll get delayed again...